Hospice donation
Marci, Port Orange
1 year(s) ago
My mom passed away in late February we came down to clean out her home I called hospice to donte most of her household items they sent out Stanley movers to take the items away to the resale shop the 2 young men were so polite and caring about my situation it was so hard to watch my moms things go out the door the 2 men told me it was ok these items were going to a good cause and they were sorry for my loss in some way that made me feel better thank you to those 2 young men god bless

Shannon m, New Smyrna beach
1 year(s) ago

Thank you I am pleased with the service and price the men were careful with my stuff no damage I will recommend Stanley movers Shannon

Patty, Deland
1 year(s) ago

Happy with my move February 2018 Stanley movers did a great job fast and courteous I will recommend them

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